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Current Groups Open For Registration

Girl Talk

A therapeutic group experience for middle school girls. 

Kids in Art Class

Group run by Baltimore Family Therapy's owner, Kristi Thrailkill, LCSW-C. Balancing the expectations of parents, teachers, and friends along with the stressors of middle school can be overwhelming. This group gives girls the chance to share experiences and learn from each other in a safe, supportive environment. This program will help to give the foundation to develop healthy relationships, a strong sense of self-love, and coping strategies for dealing with the challenges middle school can bring. Topics will include bullying, social media, family struggles, and much much more. Activities will be eclectic and engaging, including a private group yoga session by a certified yoga instructor with focus on deep breathing, mindfulness, and anxiety management.  


Next group's start date TBD on sign-ups. Inquire today to reserve a spot. 

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