Mandy Heisler, LCSW-C


Why I do this work:
I have always been passionate about helping others. Fortunately, I am in a role that allows me to make meaningful connections with individuals everyday. My hope is that I am able to empower others to reach their fullest potential with their healthiest mind and skill-set.

My Education and Experience:
I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from James Madison University with a minor in Family Studies. Then, I received my Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from University of Maryland, Baltimore. As a graduate student, I completed my first internship in a Baltimore City School by facilitating group and individual sessions for students dealing with emotional, behavioral, and learning disabilities.

I completed my second internship at the Children’s inpatient unit at Sheppard Pratt and provided case management and family therapy services. I am currently a licensed clinical therapist and have worked in the special education setting for the past four years providing therapeutic treatment to children with a wide range of diagnoses (Autism, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, ADHD,etc.), along with family case management. As a school social worker, I acted as a liaison for students who attended Villa Maria School and received treatment at St. Vincent’s Villa residential center. In this role, I helped develop individualized treatment plans and provided therapeutic treatment and crisis management services to high risk adolescents.

My Specialties:
Specializing in working with children and families, I am passionate about assisting children in identifying and expressing emotions, self regulation, mindfulness, behavior management, coping skills, and social thinking. Utilizing play therapy and art based therapy helps me to accomplish individually determined goals in these areas. Other tools that I use with families include behavior management plans and positive reinforcement systems. I believe that it is important to collaborate with parents to find the best treatment method as they will always be the number one advocate for their child.I am also passionate about working with individuals who are struggling with anxiety and mood disorders. I use a person-centered and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach in sessions to challenge negative thought patterns and explore the relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. As a Registered Yoga Teacher, incorporating mindfulness and yoga techniques to promote a feeling of connection, awareness, and balance between your mind and body has become an integral part of my efforts. In sessions, I will bring empathy and kindness to create a safe and welcoming environment where you can explore and grow.

My Not-So-Specialties:
Personality Disorders and addictions are outside of my expertise. However, I am more than happy to refer or help assist you in finding a great therapist!

“ We are each gifted in a unique and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure to discover our own special light.” -Mary Dunbar


Mandy Heisler, LCSW-C