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& Other Amazing Collaborations 

The staff at BFT (Therapists & Education Consultant) are all more than willing to collaborate with new ideas. We often run talks and conferences for groups of parents, guidance counselors, and teachers with topics ranging from Improving Communication with Your Teens to Managing Kindergarten Anxiety (often free of charge). We have also been guest speakers at wellness retreats and through online classes. The options are endless--never hesitate to reach out, we would love to meet you!

Conquering Homework Anxiety

A Facebook Live Video, hosted by Natalie Mangrum (owner of Maryland Teacher Tutors) with Kristi Thrailkill (owner of BFT) as a guest speaker. 

Is your child struggling with homework related anxiety? Tune in for some tips/tools to help manage it. 

Note: While BFT does have an amazing tutor on staff, she might not be the best fit for everyone. In those circumstances, we truly can't recommend Maryland Teacher Tutors enough! If you're looking for a tutor for your child, don't hesitate to check out MTT:

Congratulations Kristi!

And a special Thank You to the Ultimate Woman Network for this recognition!

BFT's owner, Kristi Thrailkill was an Honoree of the 2018 Ultimate Women in Business Award through Baltimore's Ultimate Woman Network, an amazing organization with the primary goal to support business women and female entrepreneurs. 


Podcast Feature:

"Real Talk on ANXIETY & ANXIOUSNESS with a Psychotherapist"

BFT's owner, Kristi Thrailkill joins the incredible Kacia Fitzgerald on her podcast EmpowerHER, where they discuss tips and tools to help manage anxiety--and much, much more!


Blog Feature:
Baltimore Family Therapy's Office Space Gets Featured
The Inspired Office Blog, by The Inspired Therapist Features Beautiful Office Spaces of Psychotherapists

The therapists at Baltimore Family Therapy take great pride in providing a comfortable, relaxing, and beautiful space for our clients!

Podcast Feature:
"Navigating Anxiety: Perspective, Tips & Tools from a Pyschotherapist Lense"

It was an honor to be asked back to the EmpowerHER Podcast, for a part 2 special on Anxiety!

"Struggling with ANXIETY? Or is someone you love & you want to better support them? You will  LOVE this episode full of TANGIBLE real talk tips from Kristi, a licensed Pyschotherapist delivered in a style like you are girlfriends chatting over coffee!" ~Kacia Fitzgerald


Podcast Feature:
Let's Talk Boundaries! A conversation with Kristi Thrailkill & Lo Curtis, founder of the Thrive DVM Podcast

BFT's owner talks boundaries in the work place (and outside of it!) with a Veterinary Neurologist. 

thrive dvm podcast - Google Search.jpeg

Podcast Feature:

The Collective Q&A: All About Anxiety with a Psychotherapist

It was an honor to be asked onto a Zoom Call for the She Goes Collective Group to discuss managing Anxiety during the unprecedented time of COVID_19. We received such positive feedback from the call, Kacia turned it into a podcast!


Podcast Feature:

Is Your Anxiety Raging? An Interview with Psychotherapist Kristi Thrailkill

So grateful to be invited back during the COVID_19 crisis, to discuss tips and tools for managing anxiety, with a special focus on women in the work force, managing this new normal.

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WMAR-2 Segment on Coparenting During the Pandemic with Kristi Thrailkill

Click to watch the segment featured on WMAR-2 early in 2020.

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