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Individual therapy treats diagnosable mental health conditions including (but not limited to) anxiety, OCD, depression, personality disorders, or ADHD.  In addition, therapy can assist you through everyday life struggles, such as career problems, relationship concerns, grief of a lost loved one, or other issues that might be affecting your quality of life. We are a group of eclectic therapists, using unique approaches with each of our clients, meaning we prefer to individualize our practice to fit each person.  What works for one, won't work for all!

Individual Therapy in Maryland & Virginia


All relationships take work, time, and effort to succeed.  Often times, couples have lost each other without really knowing where along the way they started losing direction. Other times, the couple knows exactly where things got tricky, and they just need help making a U-turn.   Let's focus on bringing back "the spark," teaching communication skills, encouraging forgiveness, and building a team-oriented environment.  After all, you and your significant other should be each others' biggest supporters, and our goal is to see your team-of-two flourish!

Couples & Marriage or Marital Therapy in Maryland


Utilizing multiple techniques such as play therapy, talk therapy, and art therapy, it's your therapist's job to help your child/family work through any current issues affecting daily life.  We specialize in guiding your child/family through tough adjustments and difficult life-hurdles such as divorce, grief & loss, moving, bullying, self-injury, history of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional), etc. We understand that watching your child suffer is incredibly difficult for a parent, but keep in mind that children are much more resilient than we give them credit for, and you are making a great choice to gather assistance if it's needed.

Family Therapy or Counseling in Maryland


In an effort to treat the WHOLE child, tutoring for grades Pre-K - 6 is now offered directly through Baltimore Family Therapy. With our services you will receive a full panel of educational assessments, that you can use at your discretion (share them with teachers, physicians, or keep for your personal records). Our tutor is a Maryland State Certified Teacher who will use these assessments to create personalized targeted lessons for your child. She will help your child understand curriculum concepts in reading, writing, math, and science, while helping to develop test-taking strategies in order to ease the stress of assessments. Her goal is to build your child’s confidence with fun and positive lessons! 

Tutoring & Executive Functioning Coaching throughout Maryland
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