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Anna Ross, LCSW-C


My Education and Experience:
I attended Towson University for undergraduate studies and earned my B.S. in Anthropology and Sociology. Afterwards, I took a job in Washington, D.C. at a foster care agency where I found my calling to social work. I then received my MSW from the University of Maryland Baltimore, specializing in Children and Families. Throughout the years I have worked with many different populations in various settings including; women and children survivors of domestic violence at a family shelter, high schoolers with behavioral problems and learning disabilities in an alternative school, children with ADHD, anxiety, depression, and trauma histories in a community mental health program, people in need of immediate mental health interventions at a crisis hotline, and families receiving in-home intervention services through a family preservation program.

I also have extensive training in trauma therapy. I’ve worked with individuals and families struggling with addiction, and I have experience working with children who have sexual behavior problems.

While I have enjoyed each and every setting I’ve worked in, I specialize in working with children, adolescents, teens and young adults. I am passionate about creating a safe environment for people of all races, genders, and sexual orientations to process their thoughts and feelings, and learn and grow. I like to help my clients work through past traumas or life transitions, identify the most helpful mindfulness skills to keep them grounded when they’re dealing with anxiety and stress, and work with them to make goals, plans, and cultivate hope for the future. I use elements of parts work, narrative therapy, CBT, and the Instinctual Trauma Response method to create a unique course of treatment for each person I work with. I love to see my clients learn more about themselves and become more comfortable with their feelings, more communicative with their families, and continue on to lead successful lives.

Not so specialties:
Eating disorders, personality disorders, and couples are not areas where my experience would be as useful. However, I am more than happy to help you with a referral to assist in finding someone to get you what you need!


Anna Ross, LCSW-C
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