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Emma Brown, LCSW-C


Education & Experience:

I graduated with a Bachelors degree from St.Mary’s College of Maryland in Human Studies with a minor in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. I worked for a year as an in-home behavioral therapist for children with autism before returning to graduate school at the University of Maryland School of Social Work. I earned a Masters in Social Work (MSW) with a concentration in clinical social work and a specialization in Children and Families. I also completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program from the Kripalu School.

While in graduate school, I interned in a Baltimore City High School for a year and then in a non-public/level 5 school for students with behavioral and emotional disabilities. I continued working at the non-public school after graduation, refining my clinical skills and furthering my passion for working with children and adolescents.

Then, I moved to working for a local Department of Social Services in the family preservation unit. Here, I was able to work with the entire family, not just the individual child or student. I have remained with the Department in various capacities since 2017. I have supported parents through the process of entering substance abuse treatment and this is an area in which I am passionate. Most recently, I have worked in adoption services, assisting foster youth and their adoptive families in finalizing their plan and achieving permanency. I have attended national conferences and participated in trainings in adoption competence and am comfortable working with and supporting the challenges of all parts of the adoption constellation (birth families, foster parents, youth, and those that love them).

Specialties & Passions

I love working with children (3+) and their families! I believe all work with children relies heavily on the work of the entire family unit. I am passionate about supporting and coaching parents in their ability to self-regulate and collaborate with their children in order to show up as the peaceful (or as peaceful as possible) parents they want to be! I would not be a good fit for parents wanting to “fix” their child’s perceived behavior problems. I will ask everyone to challenge themselves and their thinking around behavior problems to work together. I am skilled at working with all types of families including foster, kinship, and adoptive families. I have extensive experience working with those facing trauma.

I am also passionate about supporting women transitioning to motherhood and those coping with the day to day stressors of being busy parents. I can assist parents in managing their own symptoms of ADHD, anxiety, and/or executive dysfunction while parenting. Another area of passion is helping people move away from rigid, disordered eating and towards the freedom of intuitive eating through improving their distress tolerance and self-compassion.

I have expertise working with those facing addiction or substance use disorders… or even those questioning their use of substances. I approach substance use as a type of coping skill, and use a non-shaming attitude to help you examine whether or not this is a coping skill that is still serving you. I am happy to support you through this process no matter where you are on the spectrum… whether in active addiction or simply questioning “gray area drinking.” I can also be a support to family members, including children, of those suffering from substance use disorders in order to help set boundaries and process individually.

I am certified to teach yoga to both kids and adults, so working with me will incorporate elements of yoga philosophy and mindfulness. My overall approach includes a combination of DBT skills, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, and motivational interviewing. For families, I prioritize building attachment, connection, and play.

The philosophy of Ross Greene and Stuart Ablon is that “kids do well when they can” (rather than kids do well when they want to). I believe to my core that all people, not just kids, do well when they can and when they have the skills. I’d love to support you in building your skills to show up as the person you want to be.


I would not be a good fit for anyone facing issues involving end-of life, grief, or terminal illness. However, I am happy to refer you to other excellent therapists that are skilled in those areas!

Emma Brown, LCSW-C
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